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My personal toys.


Black Ice Superbird

This is the infamous Black Ice Superbird. This is the Superbird that Tom Ferry of the California rock band "Black Ice" owned for many years. The band played on the west coast and the Black Superbird was used in promotions for the band. They had a smoke machine mounted in the car and when they rolled up in front of a gig, the band would bail out of the smoke filled car. Would love to have seen that. Tom had moved back to his hometown of Ketchikan, Alaska and had the bird there on the island. We heard that he was considering selling the car and jumped at the chance to own it. In November of 2009, it was placed in a container and shipped to Seattle by boat where a transport truck picked it up and brought it to us here in Arkansas. We freshened the paint and made a few modifications back closer to stock. We plan to leave the car painted black even though it was originally an FY1 yellow car from the factory. The car currently has a six pack 440 and an air grabber hood modified by Tom himself. The car grabs attention wherever it goes and we've been driving it quite a bit. In 2013 I added black steel rims. Looks rather sinister all murdered out.


Here's a pic of the Black Ice bird at the cruise night in Barling, Ar last August.

Drag Pak Challenger

I just bought a new 2010 Challenger Drag Pak drag car that I plan to start racing in 2014. I just had Jessi Michael at JMichael Racecars install the chromemoly cage and rear suspension. I still have to install the fuel lines, brake lines and transmission. This car is a drag race only car and is not street legal.

photo 25a.jpg

Chromemoly cage

photo 28a.jpg

Chromemoly cage

photo 29a.jpg

Massey Dragster

This is the Massey dragster that I've been driving the last couple of years. Haven't decided whether to sell it or keep it and race it again some day.


2009 Challenger R/T

This is my daily driver. It's a 2009 Dodge Challenger, 5.7 hemi, six speed. I added the T/A hood and the go-wing spoiler as well as the Heritage rims and SRT front spoiler.



1969 Roadrunner

This is my 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner, 383, auto, bucket seats, B5 blue. The car is rust free and has less than 50,000 miles on it.